Thursday, November 11, 2010


Okay for all of you folks out there reading this who may be Gehzee, I apologize...not for what I am going to say but for the fact that most of it is true.
I recently had the pleasure of spending a few fun ours with some Gehzee people. Now gezhee is a term that refers to people who come form a great line going back generations to some pretty amazing and pious Jews. But for the sake of keeping it simple and in the words of a very amazing friend of mine gehzee means your grandfather sat behind the Rebbe at farbragens and your great grandfather rubbed elbows with the previous Rebbe. Basically you are for lack of a better term "Crown Heights Royalty." You went to Ohel Torah (boy) or Bais Rivkah (girl). You live on Millionaires row aka President between Kingston and New York, and you can do know wrong. For the sake of not singling people out any more than I already have lets just get to the meat of this post. TEN REASONS YOU MIGHT BE GEHZEEE!
1. You go to Basil and pick at the menu.
2. You (male) are short, mildly over weight, and wear trendy glasses and custom made suits.
3. You have ten children but no one has ever seen your pregnant.
4. Its ok to wear short skirts and short sleeves, because I define tznius.
5. You go to Basil.
6. You are far more attractive than your husband.
7. You are married to a close family friend and your shidduch was made at birth.
8. You married up...meaning you married someone who lives just up the block and has a slightly larger portrait of the Rebbe above their dining room table.
9. You wear a long shaitel, designer heels, and push a bugaboo stroller.
10. Pssssh Kingston Avenue, I shop on Albany.

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