Tuesday, November 15, 2011

If G-d Made Oats, and Doe's Eat Oats, and Little Lambs Eat Ivy. A Kid Will Eat Ivy Too...Wouldn't You?

My friends often ask me about the purpose of life. Why are we here? Now I'm not exactly sure why the ask me...I'm not exactly an authority on such things nor have I figured out my own purpose. However, I was recently told by a friend that I am a Lamed Vovnick. This friend was heavily intoxicated and I'm pretty sure they also thought I was Yushka at the time...but a compliment is a compliment. But, Lamed Vovnick or not, I am always asking myself, " Why the hell am I here?"
Now this may come as a surprise to many of you but over the past few months, I have taken to learning Tanya. Yes the heretic learns Chasidus. Recently in my learning I have discovered the meaning of life...
We learn in Torah that there are four stages or levels of creation. In each level different things and beings were created. However there is a fifth level in which the Yidden are kept. The Rebbe raises a question...why then does it not say there are five levels of creation. The answer is simple. Other things and beings in this world were created by God (capital "G" seems appropriate). However, we the Yidden are a part of the Creator therefore we were not created. Thus we solve the puzzle of the levels of creation.
Now Tanya discusses this idea further.  The purpose of every life is to suppress the  sitra achra which will in turn raise the neshama that is surrounded by the animal soul. By suppressing the sitra achra and raising the neshama we bring balance to our lives. Now this really only applies to a "regular Joe" so if your a Tzaddik or like me, a Lamed Vocnick...Congrats you have already achieved a purpose in life and can now move to the next level in "Mario Brothers." You have saved the Princess and gathered all the coins. However if you still stuck level one...don't blame it on the fact that your Atari keeps freezing or you joystick is jammed...do something about it. Our purpose in life is to make good choices for ourselves that will raise our neshama. Now remember different folks and what is good for the goose is most certainly not good for the gander...so don't judge or compare. However I will warn you...Tanya states that if a Yid cannot make the right choice and work toward his purpose, he is lower than an animal. Why? Because an animal does not have a choice...he is a created being that fulfills its purpose not by choice but by command. We have a choice we are part of the creator and therefore our purpose is to be the best that we can be...(because in the Army National Guard we can!)
So there it is the purpose of life given through Chasidus by a Heretic!

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