Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery...Part Two

My first time in Crown Heights many many moons ago a friend took me to 770.
We went very late at night to avoid the crowds of people visiting for the Rebbetzin yaretzeit.
When we got there we sat in awe look at the Rebbe's lone chair just sitting there...
For some reason and I'm not completely sure why it was a very spritiual experience.
For years this moment has stayed close to my heart until I saw the photos above!

We have recreated 770 in multiple cities across the world and reproduced historical pictures of the Rebbe that we display in our homes. But not we can have a replica of the Rebbe's chair. Yes we too can sit in the Rebbes chair as we pray, eat, or watch the sunday night game. When I saw the Rebbes chair for the first time it was a holy experience...and now, now it is as good as buying relpica coins on a late night infomercial.


  1. couldnt agree more...interesting read..i was reffered to your blog by shoshana cohen! looking forward to reading more on new blog is a poetry blog..enjoy!