Monday, January 3, 2011

A Litvoch Stole My Breaded Stick Shaped Chicken Patties...Have you seen them?

It has recently come to my attention that sometime in the wee hours of the night a Litvoch (whatever the hell that is sounds like something stuck to the bottom of my shoe example "damn I just stepped in some Litvoch.") Stole my bag of Of Tov Breaded Stick Shaped Chicken Patties. This bag of pre fab Israeli chicken was bought with good intention. Okay let's be honest I was $11 short of the delivery minimum and picked these up cause they are $12. I was planning to use them for a night when I am too tired to cook...many of those have passed and I have found that take out is the answer. Their fate you may ask, well they were to be served instead of chulent at my next Shabbos day chulent meals. Yes that is right I was going to LIE!!! See heres how I Crown Heights as long as there is booze on the table...preferably Benedictine and doesn't matter what you serve, drunk men will eat anything. Therefore come over for "chulent" get wasted, eat some Breaded Stick Shaped Chicken Patties and I will be rid of the nuggets. Instead they were stolen by a Litvoch. If you see the Litvoch or the Chicken nuggets please contact the authorities so that he can be condemned to a life of learning gemara in kollel.

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