Saturday, January 1, 2011

So My Grandfather Didn't Go to Tomchei Tmimin...

It is no secret that I am not Gehzee. Recently I have come under fire from many of my friends saying that I am stupid to criticize the Gehzee. To criticize the need for inbreeding and complete ignorance toward other Jews. Here is what I say...
A Jew is a Jew. In my mothers words...other than an education, being a Jew is the only thing that no one can take away from me. However, it seems to me that the Gehzee have this undeniable power to take away a persons Judaism by discrediting their lineage. Explained better, I am not a Jew because my grandfather didn't go to Tomchei Tmimin or die in Siberia. This is complete Bullocks. Last time I checked I am a Jew because my mother is a Jew and her mother was Jew and her mother was a Jew. Who freaking cares who died where or when, I am still a Jew. But, in the big scheme of things and according to the Gehzee I am not a Jew. So now its time to vent further.
As I see it. If the Gehzee have their way and deny every other Jew be it a Jew for Jesus or Baal Teshuva. The future of the Jewish world will become bleak. Let's get real, Chabad would not and will not continue to survive with out Baal Teshuvas. It is utterly impossible for the entire Chabad world to survive and only be Gehzee. In fact without new blood this community would not have anything except for a group of drooling inbred fools. Think about it, The Rebbe sent shluchim out to help other Jews, to accept other Jews, last time I checked denying them is a big sin. But I am not Gehzee and therefore cannot really know what the rules are. However, I am pretty sure the Baal Teshuvas are a huge part of the Chabad world and denying them would send this "society" into a tailspin.
No my Great grandfather didn't go to Tomchei Tmimin. An neither did my great great grandfather. But they fought for their Judaism. They did not sit by in a yeshiva praying to God when our people were being killed. And they did not sit by in Siberia pretending to be martyrs. They fought. My Great Great Grandfather was killed in Russia by the Kosocks. He was shot dead while running after them, his only defense was his families last potato. He fought for his family and his religion. And I would rather fight then sit by and depend on a name to show that I am a Jew.


  1. I don't even know where to start...except to say...screw chabad, it's rules and the entire lubavitch ideal including the schluchim who are sent out to recruit members for an 18th century cult, ahem, movement, ahhhh organization...who feed on and prey on innocent young people in the name of a dead guy who seemed to have it all going on...did he walk on was the other "jew!" With regard to gehzee...inbred, backward, undereducated, brain-washed, how are they better than the rest of us?????? I am a jew and at the present...a bit embarrased to be so.

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  3. So it sounds like if we were discussing the Mason, these folks would be the Illuminatti. The enlightened ones, those that can enter the Holy of Holies, that know the secret handshake and can recite Led Zepillen's House of the Holy, backwards, by heart. I guess if you live in a 17th Centery closet the order of the shelves is important in yor life.